Ravenidiot: A person passionate about birds and especially ravens, that lives life to the fullest with an emphasis on fun, laughter and mischief.

Our intent is not to get big and lose quality, but rather keep the service on a small scale; the idea is to make it personal while having fun and developing friendships as we travel the globe. We, too, have traveled a great deal, but feel most companies and guides don't get it; quality and experience are key. The goal here is to make any trip with us a "trip of a lifetime."

The name "ravenidiot" is a Terry McEneaney concoction that reflects a light-hearted personal belief that we are only on this planet for a short period of time and had better make the best of it, enjoy ourselves, and not take life too seriously.

Take some time to review the diverse information provided in this site. We think you will agree, a guide is more than a good birder or wildlife observer. A guide has to be a good traveler with the following attributes:

  • good people skills, with a sense of humor;
  • hopefully, an expert with years (not seasons, months or days) of field experience in an area;
  • good under pressure and unexpected circumstances;
  • an entertainer, and hopefully a subject expert;
  • knowledgeable about the issues and lay of the land, respecting local attitudes, resource rules, honoring ethics and respecting customs;
  • remain objective, base information on facts, tell truth through personal observations and experience.
The bottom line is you have to be kind and fair to people. Our philosophy is "travel like you are traveling with your best friends." It all boils down to experience. When you take a trip with us, you will say, as many others have, "that was fun, where are we going next?"

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